Chapter 3. Command Reference

The Main KMouseTool window

KMouseTool's options are accessed mostly via the mouse.


Starts (or stops) KMouseTool.

Minimum movement:

The minimum movement in pixels before KMouseTool will attempt to click the mouse.

Dwell time (1/10 sec):

The time the mouse has to pause before KMouseTool clicks. Try increasing this time if it is hard getting used to KMouseTool

Smart drag

Enables or disables Smart Drag. Disabled use is easier, so this is the default.

If you enable Smart drag the Drag time (1/10 sec): field becomes available. This is the time KMouseTool waits, after it clicks down, before it clicks back up if you don't move the mouse.

Enable strokes

KMouseTool now supports strokes. When you enable strokes, a slow move to the right and back, followed by a pause, will generate a right click. A slow move left and back will generate a double click. (Strokes are specified in $KDEHOME/share/config/kmousetool_strokes.txt. This file is generated by KMouseTool the first time it is run, but can be modified afterwards.)

Audible click

Plays a sound when KMouseTool clicks down. This helps, especially with Smart Drag.

Start with desktop session

When this is enabled, KMouseTool will start each time the session of the desktop starts.


Reset all settings to their defaults.


Reset all settings to their state when you opened the dialog, or, if you have already saved a setting with the Apply button, reset all settings to the state when you last pressed Apply


After changing any settings, you must click this button.


Opens the User manual (this document).


Close the dialog without saving any settings.


Quit KMouseTool