Chapter 3. Using KMenuEdit

Table of Contents

General tab
Advanced tab

The left application panel shows the application launcher structure. When you browse items in the left panel, the right panel shows detailed information for the highlighted menu item.

General tab


This is the name of your program as it appears in the application launcher menu. It can be different from the real executable name. For instance the name of mc executable is "Midnight Commander".


The description will be displayed together with the name in the application launcher. This is entirely optional.


Describe the program in greater detail in this field. This is entirely optional.


This is the name of the executable program. Make sure that you have permission to run the program.

Enable launch feedback

If this box is checked, this will display feedback when an application is started.

Only show in KDE

When checked, the application entry will only be visible in all KDE application launchers but not in other desktops environments.

Hidden entry

Remove an entry from the menu view in the application launcher.