Console Application

Application originally written for non-graphic, text oriented environment. Such applications run fine in KDE. They must run within console emulator, like Konsole. They are not warned automatically when you shut down your KDE session. You therefore must not forget to save documents open in these applications before you log out from the KDE.

Console applications support copying and pasting from KDE-compliant applications.Simply mark the text in the console application with your mouse, switch to the KDE-compliant application and press Ctrl+V to paste the text. If you want to copy from KDE application to a console application, first mark the text with your mouse, press Ctrl+C, switch to the console application and press the middle button on your mouse[1].

[1] If your mouse does not have a middle button, you must press left and right button at the same time. This is called middle button emulation and it must be supported by your operating system to work.