Advanced tab

Work path:

Specify the work path of the program. This will be the current path when the program launches. It does not need to be the same as the executable location.

Run in terminal

You must check this if your program requires terminal emulator in order to run. This mainly applies to console applications.

Terminal options:

Put all terminal options in this field.

Run as a different user

If you want to run this program as a different user (not you), check this checkbox, and provide the username in the Username: field.

Current shortcut key:

You can assign a special keyboard shortcut to launch your program.

Click the None button to the right of the Current shortcut key: checkbox.

The button text will change to Input... and you can press the key combination on your keyboard that you want to be assigned to your program.

You can reset the shortcut to None by using this button: .

Don't forget to save your setting by clicking the toolbar Save icon or using the FileSave menu item.