Chapter 1. Introduction

Welcome to KDE su! KDE su is a graphical front end for the UNIX® su command for the K Desktop Environment. It allows you to run a program as different user by supplying the password for that user. KDE su is an unprivileged program; it uses the system's su.

KDE su has one additional feature: it can remember passwords for you. If you are using this feature, you only need to enter the password once for each command. See the section called “Password Keeping” for more information on this and a security analysis.

This program is meant to be started from the command line or from .desktop files. Although it asks for the root password using a GUI dialog, I consider it to be more of a command line <-> GUI glue instead of a pure GUI program.

Since kdesu is no longer installed in $(kde4-config --prefix)/bin but in kde4-config --path libexec and therefore not in your Path, you have to use $(kde4-config --path libexec)kdesu to launch kdesu.