Workspace Behaviour

Burkhard Lück

Revision Plasma
5.13 (2018-05-21)

This is a module to configure global options for the Plasma™ workspace.

Display informational tooltips on mouse hover

If this option is checked, tooltips are displayed hovering items in the Plasma™ panel or on the desktop.

Display visual feedback for status changes

If you change e.g. brightness and volume using the keyboard these status changes are displayed in an OSD.

Single-click to open files and folders

This is the default setting. Clicking once on an icon will open it. To select you can drag around the icon(s) or Ctrl+Right click, or simply click and hold to drag it.

Double-click to open files and folders (select icons on first click)

If this option is not checked, icons/files will be opened with a single click of the left mouse-button. This default behavior is consistent with what you would expect when you click links in most web browsers. If checked however, icons/files will be opened with a double click, while a single click will only select the icon or file. This is the behavior you may know from other desktops or operating systems.