Audio and Video Settings

Matthias Kretz

Revision KDE
4.12 (2013-12-05)

This System Settings module allows you to configure the sound and video device preference and the backends used by Phonon.

Device Preference tab

On the left you are presented a tree list with various categories of playback and recording. For each category you may choose what device you wish to use.

The Audio Playback and Audio Recording items define the default ordering of devices which can be overridden by each sub items.

Clicking the Apply Device List To button shows a dialog which enables you to copy the selected setting from one category to many others.

Highlight a category and the available devices for this category are displayed in the list on the right. The order in this list determines the preference of the output and capture devices. If for some reason the first device cannot be used Phonon will try to use the second, etc.

Use the Prefer and Defer buttons to change the order and the Test button to play a test sound on the selected device.

Audio Hardware Setup tab

The various drop down boxes in this tab allow full control over all cards that are attached to the system.


Select the Sound Card and an available Profile to be used.

Device Configuration

Select the Sound Device and a Connector.

Speaker Placement and Testing or Input Levels

For a playback device: The buttons on this pane allow you to test each speaker separately.

For a recording device: A slider shows the Input Levels of the selected Connector.

Backend tab

On the left side of this module a list of Phonon backends found on your system is shown. The order here determines the order Phonon will use the backends. Use the Prefer and Defer buttons to change this order.