System Notification Settings

Mike McBride

Kai Uwe Broulik

Revision Plasma 5.18 (2020-01-14)

System Notification Settings

Plasma™, like all applications, needs to inform the user when a problem occurs, a task is completed, or something has happened. Plasma™ uses a set of System Notifications to keep the user informed on what is happening.

Using this module, you can determine what Plasma™ does to communicate each event.

Notification Settings

Do Not Disturb mode

This mode disables all visual and most audible notifications to let you focus on your current task. Settings in this section let you configure under which circumstances Plasma™ automatically enables do not disturb mode.

Enable when screens are mirrored

Automatically enable do not disturb mode when you mirror your screens, for example during a presentation.

Show critical notifications

Whether to show critical notifications, such as your battery is almost empty, to show even when in do not disturb mode.

Toggle with:

A global shortcut you can press to enable and disable do not disturb mode anytime.


Critical notifications: Always keep on top

Keep critical notifications, such as your battery is almost empty, always on top. This ensures they will also be visible while watching a fullscreen video or giving a presentation.

Low priority notifications: Show popup and Show in history

Whether low priority notifications, such as track changes in your media player, will be shown as popups or in the history, respectively.


Popup: Show near notification icon

Show notification popups close to where your notification icon is located in your panel.

Choose Custom Position...

Lets you choose a fixed screen corner where notification popups will be positioned.

Hide after:

After how many seconds the notification popup will automatically disappear. You can choose anywhere between 1 and 120 seconds.

Application Progress and Badges

Application progress

Options in this section control how application progress, such as copying or downloading a file, is presented.

Show in task manager

Colorize the window in the panel based on the progress.

Show in notifications

Show a notification popup during the progress.

Keep popup open during progress

Whether the popup should remain visible for the entire duration of the progress or automatically hide. It will always be shown again when the task finishes or fails.

Notification badges
Show in task manager

Let applications show badges, such as an unread message count, in the panel.

Application Settings

Clicking the Configure... button at the end of the list opens the application settings page which lets you configure notification behavior on a per-application and per-service basis.

Use the sidebar on the left to choose an entry from the Applications or System Services category.

General warning popups as well as startup and shutdown sounds are located under the Plasma Workspace service.

Applications that do not provide proper identification, such as shell scripts, can be configured using the Other Applications entry.

Show popups

Whether this application may show popup notifications.

Show in do not disturb mode

Whether this application may show popup notifications even when in do not disturb mode.

Show in history

Whether this application's notifications will be kept in the notification history.

Show notification badges

Whether this application may show badges, such as an unread message count, in the panel.

Configure Events...

For KDE applications you can also configure each notification individually.