Virtual Desktops

Mike McBride

Jost Schenck

Revision Plasma 5.3 (2015-04-09)

Virtual Desktops


KDE offers you the possibility to have several virtual desktops. In this tab you can configure the number of desktops, the number of rows in the Pager icon as well as their names. Just use the input box to adjust the number of desktops. You can assign names to the desktops by entering text into the text fields below.


Desktop navigation wraps around

Enable this option if you want keyboard or active desktop border navigation beyond the edge of a desktop to take you to the opposite edge of the new desktop.

Desktop Effect Animation

Select No Animation, Slide, Desktop Cube Animation or Fade Desktop from the drop down box. If the selected animation has settings options, click on the tools icon on the right of the drop down box to launch a configuration dialog.

Desktop Switch On-Screen Display

Enable this option if you want to have an on-screen display for desktop switching.

Show desktop layout indicators

Enabling this option will show a small preview of the desktop layout indicating the selected desktop.


This section displays the configured shortcuts for switching the desktops and allows you to edit them.

Scrolling the mouse wheel over an empty space on the desktop or on the Pager icon in the panel will change to the next virtual desktop numerically, in the direction you scrolled (either up or down).

You can change this default behavior on the page Mouse Actions in the Desktop Settings (Alt+D, Alt+S).