File Search

Vishesh Handa

Revision Plasma 5.10 (2017-07-28)

This System Settings module allows you to configure which files should be indexed for fast searching. It internally uses a technology called Baloo to efficiently search through the files.

Add the widget Search to your panel or enable the search in KRunner to use the indexing results for faster access to your documents.

Do not search in these locations

You are presented with a list of folders which should not be searched. By default only your entire $HOME folder is indexed, and no other folders or drives are indexed.

Removable media is never indexed by default. It can be explicitly removed from the list of exclude folders and it will then be indexed.

By default Enable File Search is activated, uncheck this setting if you do not want to use the file search at all.

Use Also index file content to also index the file contents additional to the file names.

For more info about additional configuration options e.g. how to add a drive mounted outside your $HOME folder please read Baloo/Configuration.