Menu Items

GameNew (Ctrl+N)

Starts a new game (and abandons the current, if any.)

GamePause (P)

Pause or continue the current game.

Note that the interaction results are hidden in a paused game.

GameShow High Scores (Ctrl+H)

Show the high score tables.

GameStart Tutorial

Start the tutorial of the game. This is a user friendly way to learn the game rules.

GameNew Sandbox Game

In this mode, the solution is displayed at the start of the game. This is useful to understand the game principles.

GameQuit (Ctrl+Q)

This closes the window and quits KBlackBox.


Use it to give up a game. It shows you the solution: the right positions of the balls.


When you placed all the balls, choose Done! to terminate the current game, to compute the final score and to display the real positions of the balls.


Select the game difficulty. Harder games have more balls and bigger black box than easier games. You can also play with a custom difficulty level that you can set up in the setting dialog of KBlackBox.


Games with 4 balls or less can always be solved with certainty! That is not the case for games with 5 balls or more.

Additionally KBlackBox has the common KDE Settings and Help menu items, for more information read the sections about the Settings Menu and Help Menu of the KDE Fundamentals.