Chapter 2. How to Play


Use laser beams to deduce the placement of the balls inside the black box.

Use lasers and place balls and markers on the game board to deduce the position of the hidden balls inside the black box.

The game starts as soon as you use the first laser. Before that, the time is not running and no point will be count for the score.

The cursor can be moved around the box with the standard cursor movement keys or the mouse. Switching of lasers or marking of black boxes is done with the left mouse button, or by pressing the Return or Enter key.

You can also drag and drop the balls and the markers with the mouse.

You can mark the fields where you think a ball cannot be, too. Just press the right mouse button. It often helps you to find an area where a ball could possibly be. To clear any marks, press the same key or mouse button again.

When you think the configuration of balls you have placed is correct, press the Done! button. You will be informed whether you are correct or not, and be given your score.

If you placed any balls incorrectly, the right solution will be displayed.

The score increases with the time (1 point per second) and with the use of lasers: 3 points if the laser beam hits a ball or exits at the entry point and 9 points if it exists at another entry point. If you make a mistake, the score is set at the end of the game to 999, which is the maximum score.