Chapter 3. Game Rules, Strategies and Tips

Table of Contents

Strategies and Tips


  • To move to the next level, you must eat every pill and energizer in the maze.

  • A bonus appears when you have eaten 1/3 and 2/3 of the pills and energizers. It disappears after a few seconds (10 seconds at the first level, but it decreases as the level increases) if you have not eaten it.

  • As the level increases, both your speed and the ghosts speed increase. However, the ghosts will be more and more faster than you.

  • If you get in touch with a ghost, you lose a life, and the current level restarts (but the eaten pills and energizer do not reappear).

  • If you are in the line of sight of a ghost (that is to say : no wall between the ghost, and both of you go to the same direction), the ghost will hunt you. Otherwise, the ghosts have a random moving.

  • When you eat an energizer, the ghosts slow down and you can eat them. If you eat a ghost, it goes back to its home and its normal behaviour. After a few seconds (10 seconds at the first level, but it decreases as the level increases), the ghosts that have not been eaten go back to their normal behaviour.

  • You win points when eating an item:

    Table 3.1. Item values

    Pill10 points
    Energizer20 points
    BonusCurrent level * 100 points
    GhostIt depends on the number of ghosts you have eaten since the last energizer was eaten:
    • 1st ghost: 100 points

    • 2nd ghost: 200 points

    • 3rd ghost: 400 points

    • 4th ghost: 800 points

  • You get a life more every 10,000 points you win.