Wake From Suspend

It is possible to configure a selected alarm to wake your computer from hibernation or suspension when the alarm triggers, so that the alarm action can occur even when the system was shut down. This function is controlled by a dialog which is accessed by selecting ActionsWake From Suspend. The dialog allows the Wake From Suspend alarm to be set, cancelled or displayed.

Use of the Wake From Suspend function requires administrative privileges. You will be prompted for the root password when you set or cancel a Wake From Suspend alarm.


Wake From Suspend is not supported on some computers, especially older ones, and some computers only support setting a wakeup time up to 24 hours ahead. There may also be restrictions on which suspend mode the function will wake from. You should consider setting up test alarms to check your system's capability before relying on this feature.


Your computer can only schedule a single Wake From Suspend at a time. If you use this function with KAlarm, you must ensure that this does not conflict with any other application which also uses Wake From Suspend. Whenever an application schedules or clears Wake From Suspend, this cancels any previously set Wake From Suspend, no matter whether set by KAlarm or any other application.

The Wake From Suspend dialog is used in conjunction with the alarm list in KAlarm's main window.

  • Use highlighted alarm: this sets the alarm currently highlighted in the alarm list as the Wake From Suspend alarm. Any existing scheduled Wake From Suspend is cancelled, as explained above. The button is enabled only if exactly one alarm is highlighted.

  • Cancel wake from suspend: this cancels any existing Wake From Suspend (whether set by KAlarm or any other application - see above). Note that this only cancels the wakeup function associated with the alarm; the alarm itself is not deleted and will continue to operate as normal.

  • Show current alarm: this highlights the current Wake From Suspend alarm in the alarm list, so that it can be identified. The button is disabled if no Wake From Suspend is currently configured.

  • The Number of minutes before alarm to wake from suspend control allows you, if you wish, to ensure that the system has time to fully restore itself before the alarm triggers, so that the alarm can trigger at the correct time.