System Tray Operation

KAlarm by default displays an icon in the system tray. The icon provides both control and an alarm monitoring status indication. A normal KAlarm icon indicates that all alarms are being monitored, while two different modified icons indicate either that some alarms, or that all alarms, are not being monitored. The icon modifications depend on the icon theme being used.

KAlarm's system tray icon is by default automatically hidden whenever there are no alarms due in the next 24 hours. You can change the auto-hide time limit, or always show the system tray icon, using the Configuration dialog. To show the icon when it has been automatically hidden, click the arrow in the system tray to reveal hidden icons.

If you hover the mouse cursor over the system tray icon, a summary of the first few message alarms due in the next 24 hours are displayed as a tooltip. You can switch this feature off, or configure the number of alarms to display and their format, in the Configuration dialog.

Left click on the system tray icon to toggle between displaying and hiding the KAlarm main window.

Right click on the system tray icon to display its context menu:

Enable Alarms

Enables or disables monitoring of alarms.

See Enabling and Disabling Alarms for details.

New Alarm

After you select the alarm type from the list which appears, opens the Alarm Edit dialog to create a new alarm.

Stop Play

Halts playback of the audio file currently playing.

Spread Windows

Spreads alarm and error message windows across the screen, or groups them together again.

Configure KAlarm...

Displays the KAlarm Configuration dialog.

The Configuration dialog is described in Configuring KAlarm. It includes options relating to the KAlarm system tray icon.

Restore / Minimize

Restores or minimizes the main KAlarm window.


Closes the KAlarm system tray icon and main windows.

Quits KAlarm if no alarm message windows are displayed.

Displaying KAlarm in the System Tray

You must be running the Plasma™ desktop or another suitable window manager in order to display KAlarm in the system tray.

Select ViewShow in System Tray to display KAlarm in the system tray according to the preferences set in the View tab of the Configuration dialog.

To remove KAlarm from the system tray, deselect ViewShow in System Tray.

To choose whether or not KAlarm will be shown at startup in the system tray, use the View tab of the Configuration dialog.