Time & Date

The Time & Date section lets you set options relating to time and date:

  • Time zone: Select your time zone. KAlarm uses this time zone throughout, except when you override it for individual alarms.

  • Holiday region: Select which country's or region's holidays to use. This affects recurring alarms for which the option to exclude holidays is selected.

  • Start of day for date-only alarms: Set the start-of-day time for the purposes of triggering date-only alarms, i.e. ones for which the Any time option was selected. On the date when they are due, such alarms will be output at the earliest opportunity during the 24 hours starting from the start-of-day time.

  • Working Hours group box: These options let you define your working hours, needed when the Only during working hours option is selected for a recurrence in the Alarm Edit dialog.

    • Check each day which is a working day.

    • Daily start time: enter the time at which you start work each day.

    • Daily end time: enter the time at which you finish work each day.

  • KOrganizer event duration: Enter the event duration to set in KOrganizer for alarms which are copied to KOrganizer. The default duration is zero.