The Storage section lets you choose options for saving and archiving alarms:

  • New Alarms & Templates: Specify which calendar to store new alarms and alarm templates in when using multiple alarm calendars:

    • Store in default calendar: New alarms and alarm templates are automatically added to the default alarm calendar without prompting for confirmation.

    • Prompt for which calendar to store in: When you create a new alarm or alarm template and there is more than one writeable alarm calendar, you will be prompted to choose which calendar to save it in. Note that when alarms are saved on expiry, they are always stored in the default archived alarm calendar without prompting.

  • Archived Alarms group box: These options control the storage of archived alarms in the default archived alarm calendar.

    • Keep alarms after expiry: Select this option to archive expired and deleted alarms. Deselect it to keep no record of alarms once they cease to be active. Note that deleted alarms are only archived if they have previously been triggered. If you delete an alarm before it ever triggers, it is discarded.

    • Discard archived alarms after: Set the number of days to store expired and deleted alarms in the archive, after which they are permanently deleted.

    • Clear archived alarms: This button discards all currently archived alarms from the default archived alarm calendar. (Other archived alarm calendars are left unchanged in case they are shared with other people.) This has no effect on alarms which subsequently expire or are deleted; they will continue to be archived according to the selected options.