Chapter 7. Burning an Audio CD

Starting an Audio CD Project

K3b supports a lot of audio formats and can convert them automatically for you.


Some distributions split this capability of K3b into a separate package, e.g. on Debian and Ubuntu distributions you need to install the package libk3b6-extracodecs, on openSUSE the name of the package is k3b-codecs. On some distributions (e.g. Mandriva) you do not need to install any additional packages.

Selecting the files

There are two ways to select the audio files you want to burn onto an audio cd:

Using K3b

At the bottom half of the K3b window click on New Audio CD Project and select the files you want to burn.

Alternatively navigate in the folders panel to the location of the audio files. Double click on an audio file or drag and drop selected audio files into the bottom part of K3b's window automatically starts a New Audio CD Project with these files.

Using the file manager

Go to the folder containing your music files in Dolphin or Konqueror

Choose the files to burn and select ActionsCreate Audio CD with K3b from the context menu.

Edit the Title Information

You can give the tracks titles or import those from CDDB (a online service for track names). To do so double click on the track (lower half of the window).

Burn the CD

Insert a blanc CD-R or CD-RW disc into your CD writer and click on Burn. In the upcoming dialog check if you like the presets and when done click on Burn. The CD will now be burned for you.