The sidebar on the left is available in the Browse and View modes, but does not appear by default in Browse Mode. Its appearance can be toggled using ViewSidebar (F4) or using the ▮← / ▮→ button at the left side of the statusbar. When clicked it collapses or expands the sidebar. The sidebar contains several tabs:


Displays a list of all folders on your system permitting you to switch between them. In Browse Mode thumbnails from the folder will be displayed, while in View Mode the first image in the folder will appear, from which you can browse through the folder using the Previous and Next buttons or shortcuts. Clicking on a folder multiple times toggles between View Mode and Browse Mode.


Displays Meta Information like the filename and size. The More... link permits you to view all available metadata and select which data appear in the sidebar.


This permits you to perform the previously described global image operations as well as those specific to View Mode. It also permits common file operations like copying, renaming, deleting, and creating new folders.