Chapter 1. Introduction

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What is Gwenview

What is Gwenview

Gwenview is a fast and easy to use image and video viewer.

Gwenview features two main modes: Browse and View. Both modes can be used in a normal application window and Full Screen. Browse Mode lets you navigate through your computer showing thumbnails of your images, View Mode lets you view images one at a time, and Full Screen lets you make quick slideshows. There is also a start screen that displays a list of recently opened folders and URLs as well as your places and tags.

Image loading is handled by the Qt™ library, so Gwenview supports all image formats your Qt™ installation supports. Gwenview correctly displays images with an alpha channel (transparency) as well as animations.

Gwenview supports the displaying and editing of EXIF comments in JPEG images. Lossless JPEG transforms such as rotations and mirroring are also supported.

Gwenview can read embedded color profiles from PNG and JPEG files. It can use the image color profile together with the display color profile to output correct colors on the screen.