Image View

Show transparency with

Choose how the background of transparent raster or SVG images is rendered.

  • Surrounding background — Use background color from the General page.

  • Checkerboard background — Use the traditional checkerboard background.

  • Solid color background — Use a color that can be chosen using the color selector.

Mouse wheel behavior

Select how scrolling over an image in View mode behaves.

  • Scroll — When zoomed in, pan the image vertically. Otherwise, nothing will happen.

  • Browse — Switch to the next or the previous image.

  • Zoom — Use mouse wheel to zoom in/out the current image.

Zoom mode

Allows choosing how zooming in View mode works.

  • Autofit each image — Automatically resize images to the view pane.

  • Keep same zoom and position — Use the same zoom level for all images.

  • Per image zoom and position — Use individual zoom levels for each image.

  • Enlarge smaller images — check this item to make Gwenview enlarge smaller images in View mode.


Allows choosing how fading between images is done in View mode.

  • OpenGL — Use hardware accelerated animations.

  • Software — Do not use hardware accelerated animations. Select this option if OpenGL does not work satisfactory, but you still want to fade between images.

  • None — Do not use animations when switching between images.

Thumbnail Bar

Allows configuring the thumbnail bar.

  • Orientation

    • Horizontal — Show a horizontal thumbnail strip below the image.

    • Vertical — Show a vertical thumbnail strip to the right of the image.

  • Row count — Use the spin box to change the number of rows on the thumbnail bar