Browse Mode

When in Browse Mode, you can easily navigate through your files and folders. The preview window shows thumbnails of the images in the current folder, as well as subfolders.

Moving the mouse over an image shows buttons to select or rotate the image as well as a button to enter Fullscreen Mode. Modified images are indicated by an icon down right, click it to save the changed image. Clicking on an image takes you into View Mode. You may select multiple images and switch to View Mode to view them side-by-side.

The slider at the bottom right allows you to change the size of the images. You can also filter the images by filename, date, tag or rating using the box on the lower left. The toolbar appears in both Browse mode as well as View mode and contains the most commonly used actions.

  • Start Page: Open the start page.

  • Browse: Switches to Browse Mode.

  • View: Switches to View Mode.

  • Previous: Clicking this icon will go to the previous image in the folder.

  • Next: Clicking this button will go to the next image in the folder.

  • Show Editing Tools: Clicking this button toggles the Operations sidebar tab.

  • Share: Clicking this button opens an export menu to share your images through social media and image collection web services. This functionality depends on the list of installed KIPI plugins.

  • Full Screen: Switches to Full Screen Mode.