Lauri Watts

Revision Frameworks 5.29 (2016-11-10)

This module allows you to control the size of the local cache folder used by Konqueror. Note that each user account on your computer has a separate cache folder, and this folder is not shared with other web browsers such as Firefox.

Storing local copies of web pages that you have visited allows Konqueror to quickly load their contents on subsequent visits. It will only be necessary to reload the contents from the original site if they have changed since your last visit, or if you click the reload button in Konqueror.

If you really do not want any of the web pages you visit to be stored on your computer, you can disable Konqueror's disk cache by clearing the checkbox labeled Use cache.

You can set here how aggressively Konqueror keeps the cache up to date. Keep cache in sync means that Konqueror will hit the cache for all objects, downloading them if they are not there, and then display the item from the cache. Use cache whenever possible means that Konqueror will try the cache, and if an object is not there, it will directly download it for display. Offline browsing mode means that Konqueror will try the cache, and if an object is not there, it will not attempt to download it from the Internet.

You can control the size of the cache by typing a number into the text box labeled Disk cache size. This is the average amount of space in kilobytes that the cache folder is allowed to use. When the cache grows too large, Konqueror will delete older files to reduce the size of the cache folder.

This is however, only an average, and during a browsing session the cache could become substantially larger.

You can use the Clear Cache button to empty the cache at any time.