The View Menu


Toggles the Devices panel: This command turns the display of the devices list on and off.

ViewPending Operations

Toggles the Pending Operations panel: This command turns the display of the operation list on and off.


Toggles the Information panel: This command turns the display of the information panel on and off. The information panel will either display details about the currently selected device or, if one is selected, the selected partition.

ViewLog Output

Toggles the Log Output panel: This command turns the display of the log output panel on and off.

ViewFile System Support

Shows the file system support dialog. This dialog shows in detail which operations can be performed for which of the supported file systems.

Here is an example how the dialog might look like with most external tools installed:

File system support dialog with most external tools installed

The blue check marks mean supported, the red crosses mean not supported. Some combinations are never supported, for example checking a linuxswap file system, because they are inherently impossible. Others cannot be supported because the external tools lack the functionality.

If you have installed new tools while KDE Partition Manager is running click on Rescan Support to force a recheck of installed file system support tools.

Also see the section called “Requirements” for which external tool is required for which operation.

ViewRefresh Devices (F5)

Refreshes the devices: This command forces KDE Partition Manager to scan and read the devices on your computer again. This may for example be useful if you plugged in an external USB hard disk after you started KDE Partition Manager.