Register an existing account

If you have already created a SIP or IAX account with Ring from another computer or with another software, or if you want to use an existing account, you can register it with this wizard to be able to use it with this instance of Ring. The wizard will ask you for the basic information of this account in order to find it back. These information are described in this section.


The account type page

Ring handles two protocols for calls, SIP and IAX2. The wizard will now ask you which of those is your account. If you already have an account created, just choose the right type. If you want to create one without Ring and you wonder which type to choose, you can refer to this document to know which one fits your needs best.

Account settings

The settings page

The wizard needs a few information to find your account. The alias is for convenience only, you can choose anyone. It will be applied only on Ring on this system, not in the account. Server is the one that hosts your account. User is the username of the account. Unlike the alias, it has to be the username chosen while creating the account. Password is also the one chosen for the account. Mailbox number will be used by the mailbox button to keep you from having to type that number too often. Usually it is 888.