Chapter 2. Getting Started with Ring KDE Client

Jérémy Quentin

Emmanuel Lepage Vallee

When you start Ring KDE Client for the first time, you get an account configuration wizard. This wizard will help you setting up an account for Ring to use. You should complete the wizard before going to the main window of Ring KDE Client for it will not work without at least one account set up. You can still change all the settings of the account from the main window after the wizard is complete. You can also start the wizard from the main window at any time. We will now describe the different options of this wizard.

The wizard introduction page.
The registering type page.
Creating a new account.
Register an existing account.
The STUN settings.
The conclusion page.

Welcoming page

The wizard introduction page

You can navigate in this wizard using the Next, Previous and Cancel buttons. If you click on the Cancel button, the wizard will close without adding the account. Click on the Next button to start configuring the account.