Chapter 4. Common use of Ring KDE Client

Jérémy Quentin

Emmanuel Lepage Vallee

Handling a call

There are a bunch of features that you can apply on a current call with Ring. Here are their descriptions.

Placing a new call

You can have plenty of calls in parallel, even if only one is current (i.e.: you can talk through) and the others are on hold. To place a new call when you are on a current call, click on the Place new call button, it will create a new empty item and select it automatically, then type the phone number you want to call and click Call or press Enter to place the call. You can also go to the Call history window or the Address book window and valid a call, and it will be added ringing in the Current calls window. When a new call is placed, any other one is put on hold, so that you cannot mix two calls. If you want to go back to one of the calls put on hold, just double-click on the corresponding item and it will go back to current state while the old one is put on hold.

Holding a call

If you want to place the current call on hold, you just have to click on the Hold button. The icon of the call will then be changed and communication is paused with your peer. You can then place a new call, transfer the held one (see the section called “Transferring a call”)... To take the communication back, just double-click on the item or click on Unhold button.

Transferring a call

If you want to transfer the current call to another phone number, click on the Transfer button, the item will change and enable you to type the number to which you want to transfer your peer. Once you have typed it, click on Valid transfer button or press Enter to effectively transfer the call. You can place the call on hold while typing the number (see the section called “Holding a call”).

Recording a call

If you want to record the current call, click on the Record button, the button will become triggered and the light may come on. Since Ring only records calls when they are current (i.e.: not on hold), the light will be on if the selected call is current and can be recorded, and off if it is not. But if the button is triggered, Ring will record as soon as it is communicating.