Use the address book

Ring KDE Client communicates with the KDE Address Book and gathers all the phone numbers matching your request and the options chosen. Here we will explain how to configure and use it.

Configuring KDE Address Book

As it is fully designed for KDE, Ring KDE Client looks for your contacts in KDE Address Book. So you first have to configure it. Choose ApplicationsOfficeAddress Book from the K menu. You are now in the main window of the KDE address book. You can add contacts and handle them from here. Press F1 to see this application's help page if you have some problems with it.

Ring KDE Client looks into the standard address book, that means it will look into the contacts displayed in the contact list on the left of the window. The selected address books in the bottom left of the window will be searched. If you add some contacts, you may have to restart Ring KDE Client before it can see them.

Configuring Ring KDE Client

You can now go to the Configuration Dialog to choose how Ring will handle your searches in the address book. This step is optional though, because the default settings enable you to use the feature without more setup.

The maximum results setting enables you to choose how many phone numbers can be displayed when you look for a contact. KDE address book can contain lots of contacts, especially if connected to LDAP directories, and you do not want to see thousands of contacts displayed as soon as you type a letter to search for.

KDE address book can contain a photo for your contacts. Ring KDE Client can display it in the result of your searches, but as it can take a little more time, you can choose to disable that feature.

Each phone number in KDE address book is linked to a contact, and has a phone number type to differentiate work phones, home phones, and cell phones. You can choose to display only certain of those numbers. Check the types you are interested in and uncheck the other ones.

Search in Address Book

Now that everything is set up, you can go to the Address book window, then type some letters of the name you want to phone. You will see all the phone numbers that match your request and their type. When the resulting list's size is greater than the maximum chosen in configuration, it will only display the beginning of the list with the maximum size, and will display a warning message to let you know that your wanted number may be in the rest of the list and so not displayed. In that case you should type some more letters to improve precision of the search. Once you found the right number, double click on the item to call it.