Account configurations

For the account setup wizard, please refer to the Getting Started chapter of this handbook.

Advanced configuration of the accounts is available in the Account section of the configuration dialog. The page is divided in two sections, the accounts list and the configurations tabs.

The account list

The account list allow to enable or disable account by checking them, moving account priority use the up and down buttons, adding and removing them using the add and remove buttons.

Account list

The tinted background represent the account state. Normal represent a disabled account, red an invalid or inaccessible account, yellow an account in the process of registering itself and green a valid, registered account. The icons represent the current local status of the account. A little floppy represent a modified and unsaved account and the reload icon an account that have changed on the server or by another client, like the plasmoid and need to be reloaded.

Basic settings

Basic account dialog

This tab allow to configure the basic credentials of a SIP account. The default resolve account checkbox is used to know if that account have priority when performing contact information lookup.

The settings in the basic tab are often present in other tab in more advanced details. The credential tab allow to configure chained credentials, this feature is rarely used and you should avoid using them unless you really need to.

Chained credentials

It is also possible to enable Secure SIP in the security dialog. Most accounts are used in an intranet or using a VPN, so they are not secured. But if your account is, the Security dialog is here for you.

Account security

The advanced dialog host some rarely used configuration such as the default network interface, alternative ports and STUN server.

Advanced settings

The ringtone dialog allow to select a ringtone from the default list or from a file on your disk.

Ringtone settings

Finally, the codec tab allow to enable or disable codecs or change their priority. That way, it is possible to have higher quality call or save bandwidth. Some video codecs also have configuration parameter of their own.

Codec settings