Making a call

Dialing one's number

If you know the number of the people you want to call, you may just type it on the dial pad or on your keyboard while you are in the Current calls window, then click on the Accept button in the tool part's toolbar or in the Actions menu, or press Enter on your keyboard, or double-click on the number to call once you have finished dialing it.

Following behavior, common part...

Calling from call history

If you want to call somebody from whom you missed a call, or you already called earlier, you may go to the Call history window. The detailed use of this window and its features (search, etc.) is described in this section. Once you are in it, find the number or name of the person you want to call, then you can double click on the history call, drag and drop it on the current call list, pressing Enter or right clicking and press Call Again.

Calling from address book

If you have configured contacts in either KAddressBook or Akonadi, Ring KDE Client should automatically import them. To call a contact, it is possible to double click on it, drag and drop it to the current call list, press Enter or right click and select Call.

If the contact have multiple phone numbers, a dialog will be shown to select the right number.

Beginning with version 1.4.0, Ring KDE Client can also act as a complete contact manager (oriented on phone related features). It is possible to add, manage and configure Akonadi collection directly from the configuration dialog "Address Book" section. It is also possible to add and remove contacts directly from the main interface.

Multiple number popup

If your addressbook contain incomplete phone numbers or only phone extensions, it is possible to set a "default account" in the "Basic" tab of the account configuration dialog. This account will be used to call these numbers. If you have incomplete phone number belonging to multiple accounts, it is advised to edit those contacts to ensure the number is complete or add @hostname at the end of the number (replace hostname with a valid server hostname).