Chapter 8. Tags

Cristian Oneț

Revision 4.7.01 (2014-08-30)

The Tags screen provides detailed information about all the tags which are applied to transactions. The Tags screen is split into two main areas: a tags list and a detail area.

Tags List

A list of tags is on the left side of this screen. The tags list is sorted alphabetically.

Adding a Tag

To add a tag, either click on the Add tag icon or right-click on any tag and choose New tag. This creates a new tag called New tag. Right-click on this tag and select Rename tag to enter the name of the new tag.

Renaming a Tag

To rename a tag, either click on the tag name to select it and click on the Rename tag (between the add and remove icons) or right-click on the name and then select Rename tag. The name then becomes editable. Changing the name will affect the name in all the transactions in which it appears.

Deleting a Tag

To remove a tag, either click on the Delete tag icon or right-click the name and select Delete tag. If the tag has any transactions, you will be presented with a dialog that allows you to reassign them to a different tag.


As Tags have just been introduced to KMyMoney in version 4.7, none of the methods for importing data are able to import tags. It is understood that this is an important feature, and each import method is likely to introduce it in an upcoming release.