Using Kile

Now that we have given you some background about how to write code using the LATEX markup language, we will show you how to create a document using Kile step-by-step.

  1. Start Kile.

  2. Select WizardQuick Start, then choose a format, and set your preferences in the wizard.

  3. Once the wizard has entered text, do some customization to make the document more readable, add a minimum of one quote, some bold text, italics, and a verse to see the difference between the commands.

  4. Save your file, and give it the name intro.tex.

  5. Build your document using Alt+2, or the button labeled LaTeX.

  6. Select ViewDVI.

  7. Check out all your new text.

  8. When you are done viewing your document, click the Editor View button or press Ctrl+E to return to the editor if you are using the embedded viewer, or close the viewer window if you are using a separate viewer.

That's it! You have just created your first LATEX document!

Once you have created your DVI, you will be able to print your document, or change it into a PostScript® or PDF file if you want. Experiment and have fun!