Creating a Project

To create a project, select ProjectNew Project....

Project creation window

You will be asked to give the following information to create your project:

  • Title of your project (Project title text field).

    The title of the project will be used to create a name of the project file by transforming to lowercase and adding .kilepr extension.

  • A folder where the project file will be stored (Project folder text field).

  • If you want to create a new main file of the project check the Create a new file and add it to this project item.

  • When you fill out the Filename box, you have to include a relative path from where the .kilepr project file is stored (see the Project folder item).

  • Type of the created file, Empty File, Article, Book, Letter, Report, etc. can be chosen from a visual list at the bottom of the File panel.

  • Extensions for the default files in the project can be selected using the Extensions panel. Your choice will be used to define the files that should be opened when you choose ProjectOpen All Project Files menu item and in the Kile wizards. The extensions in the text field should be separated with spaces.