Chapter 9. User-Configurable Menu


Kile supports a user-configurable menu, which will appear as a part of Kile's menu. This menu can be configured using Kile's configuration dialog with SettingsConfigure KileUser Menu.

Configure the user menu

You have two options where to place this menu:

  • either the menu User Menu will appear in the main menu bar between the menus LaTeX and Wizard and the configuration wizard Edit User Menu in the Wizard menu

    User Menu is placed in the main menu
  • or both items will appear at the bottom of the LaTeX menu.

    User Menu as a part of the LaTeX menu

Already existing user-defined tags from older versions of Kile are automatically transformed into the new user-configurable menu. The tags are saved in a file called usertags.xml and like all menu definition files, they can be found in the local user menu directory of Kile: KILE_APP_DIR/usermenu/, e.g. /home/user/.kde/share/apps/kile/usermenu/.

You can use different menu definition files for different tasks. Call the user menu wizard WizardEdit User Menu or LaTeXEdit User Menu to install or edit a menu definition file.