Chapter 15. Help

Help Documents

LATEX is a rather sophisticated system, where basic features can be expanded by a great variety of additional packages. Kile provides numerous different ways to aid the user.

The HelpLaTeX Documentation submenu includes links on documentation for all the included packages and an additional LATEX reference.

Documentation Browser

A handy tool to browse all LATEX topics. Please install LATEX help packages for your distribution if you need the full-fledged documentation compendium.


A full unofficial reference for TEX and friends. This is not only a description of all programs, but some important packages are also mentioned. It also includes a full reference manual of LATEX commands—ideal for looking up a particular piece of formatting while writing a document. As this document is really extensive, it is referenced in Kile by three bookmarks.

LaTeX Commands

Another alphabetical index of the most common LATEX commands.

LaTeX Environments

An alphabetical index of the most common LATEX environments.