Editing is of course one of the main aspects when you use a program like Kile. Although Kate already has great capabilities, Kile adds some important features, which are especially needed to write LATEX source. LATEX always needs a lot of environments and groups, so Kile supports very special commands to select them. Under EditSelect you will find the following commands to select text.

Edit->Select items
Environment (inside) (Ctrl+Alt+S,E)

Select an environment without the surrounding tags. If this command is called, when an environment is already selected, Kile will expand the selection to the next surrounding environment.

Environment (outside) (Ctrl+Alt+S,F)

Select an environment including the surrounding tags. This selection can also be expanded with a second call of this command.

TeX Group (inside) (Ctrl+Alt+S,T)

Select a TEX group inside the surrounding braces.

TeX Group (outside) (Ctrl+Alt+S,U)

Select a TEX group including the surrounding braces.

Math Group (Ctrl+Alt+S,M)

Select the current math group including the math commands.

Paragraph (Ctrl+Alt+S,P)

Select a whole paragraph, i.e. a group of text lines separated on both sides by empty lines. A paragraph does not mean just continuous lines of text, as it is in other text editors. This extended meaning also includes tables, LATEX commands and all other lines of source. The only important thing for Kile is that this kind of paragraph is separated by two empty lines.

Line (Ctrl+Alt+S,L)

Select the text line of the current cursor position.

TeX Word (Ctrl+Alt+S,W)

Select the word under the current cursor position. This selection has also en extended meaning, because this command can also select LATEX commands, which begin with a backslash and may also have an optional star at the end.

Select LATEX commands

Kile has an extended feature to select LATEX commands. If you for example have typed

text \bfseries\itshape more text

and double click on one of the LATEX commands, both will be selected. But often you only want to select one of two or more commands. This can be done using the Ctrl key. You only have to press the Ctrl key and a double click will only select the desired command.