Quick Preview

You will always need some time to view the result, when working with LATEX. LATEX has to compile the source and the viewer has to be called. This can be annoying if you only changed some letters in an equation difficult to typeset. Kile offers a Quick Preview mode, where you can compile only a part of a document and save a lot of time. It supports four different modes, which can be combined with seven configurations.

Quick Preview

All settings must be done in SettingsConfigure Kile...Tools+Preview.

Quick Preview Configuration

Selection Mode

The user has to select a part of the document. Menu entry BuildQuickPreviewSelection or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+P,S will start the selected programs. Kile takes the preamble of the original text, so that all packages and user defined commands are included. The user can choose one of eight predefined configurations:

  • LaTeX+DVI (embedded viewer)

  • LaTeX+DVI (Okular)

  • LaTeX+PS (embedded viewer)

  • LaTeX+PS (Okular)

  • PDFLaTeX+PDF (embedded viewer)

  • PDFLaTeX+PDF (Okular)

  • XeLaTeX+PDF (embedded viewer)

  • XeLaTeX+PDF (Okular)

This should be sufficient for all situations for which a quick preview is needed.

Environment Mode

Very often you want to preview the current environment, and especially mathematical environments, which sometimes may be difficult to write. Kile offers a very fast way to do this. No selection is needed, just choose BuildQuickPreviewEnvironment or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+P,E and the current environment will be compiled and shown.

Subdocument Mode

If you have a large project with a lot of documents, compiling the whole project is not a great idea, if you have made changes only in one single document. Kile is able to compile and show a preview of the current subdocument. It takes the preamble from the master document and only compiles the current part when you choose BuildQuickPreviewSubdocument or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+P,D.

Mathgroup Mode

The mathgroup preview mode allows you to preview the mathgroup you are currently editing. Kile takes the preamble from the master document and only compiles the mathgroup the cursor is currently in when you choose BuildQuickPreviewMathgroup or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+P,M.

Quick Preview in Bottom Bar

Instead of showing the preview in a new document Kile can also be configured to use the bottom bar for preview compilations. You can activate this feature in the quick preview configuration panel.