Chapter 10. The Build Tools

Compiling, converting and viewing

To view the result of your work, you first need to compile the source. All the build tools are grouped closely together in the BuildCompile, BuildConvert, and BuildView menus.

To compile your source code for screen viewers like Okular or further conversion, you can use the shortcut Alt+2. Then you can view the DVI file using your default viewer with Alt+3, convert the DVI to a PS file with Alt+4, and view the PS file with Alt+5.


If you are using BibTEX for your bibliography entries, you usually have to follow a special compiling scheme. This means calling LATEX and then BibTEX and then LATEX twice again. Fortunately Kile is clever enough to detect automatically if it is necessary to call additional tools like BibTEX, makeidx and Asymptote. This logic is turned on by default and can be changed in SettingsConfigure Kile...Tools+Build in the General tab in the LATEX and PDFLATEX tools.

MetaPost and Asymptote

If you want to compile your document with MetaPost or Asymptote, picture drawing programs, you can do it with BuildCompileMetapost, or BuildCompileAsymptote.


There is also another way to compile your document, if you want a PDF: you can run PDFLATEX, that will compile the source directly into a PDF file, with Alt+6: you can then view the compiled file by pressing Alt+7.

Alternatively, you can convert a PS into a PDF with Alt+8, or a DVI directly into a PDF with Alt+9.

Using PDFLATEX instead of LATEX may be just a matter of simplicity or habit, but sometimes the behavior of the two programs can differ.

LATEX to Web

Finally, you may want to publish your work on the web and not just on paper. You may then use the latex2html program, that can be called from Kile's menu BuildConvertLaTeX to Web. The result will be placed in a subfolder of the work folder, and you will be able to see the result of the conversion choosing the menu item BuildViewView HTML.

Passing Command Line Parameters

If you want to pass some specific command line parameters to the compile, convert or view tools, you can configure their call in SettingsConfigure Kile...Tools+Build.