The Plasmoid

Smb4K comes with a Plasmoid that can be added as a widget to the desktop or the panel. It consists of five tabs: Network Neighborhood, Mounted Shares, Bookmarks, Profiles, and Configuration.

Screenshot of the plasmoid

Network Neighborhood Tab

On the Network Neighborhood page the network items are arranged in a list view:

Bookmarks tab of the plasmoid

By clicking an entry you either enter the level below (e.g. clicking a workgroup or domain item will show a list of all hosts belonging to it), mount the selected share or invoke the print dialog. To go one level up again, you need to click the Up button in the toolbar.

For hosts and shares, to the right of the name of the network item some action buttons are arranged. For hosts, there is one button with that you can open the Custom Options dialog. For shares, there are additional buttons for previewing the content of the selected share and for adding it to the bookmarks, respectively. The action buttons are transparent by default and change to opaque when you move the mouse over them. By left clicking, you initiate the respective action.

Besides the Up button, the toolbar contains three more entries: Rescan, Abort and Mount Dialog. With them you can do a rescan, abort any running action or open the dialog for "manual" mounts.

Mounted Shares Tab

On the Mounted Shares page all mounted shares are listed:

Bookmarks tab of the plasmoid

Right to the name of the share and its host, three action buttons are arranged. The first one is for adding a bookmark, the second for synchronization and the third for unmounting the share. The action buttons are transparent by default and change to opaque when you move your mouse over them. By left clicking you initiate the respective action.

The toolbar only contains the Unmount All action that lets you unmount all shares at once.

Bookmarks Tab

On the Bookmarks page, the bookmark groups and bookmarks defined for the currently active profile are listed:

Bookmarks tab of the plasmoid

Bookmarked shares can be mounted by left clicking the respective bookmark. Bookmark groups can be entered the same way.

To edit or remove the bookmarks, you can press the Edit action button in the toolbar to open the Bookmark Editor. To get back to the toplevel the Back button is used.

Profiles Tab

On the Profiles page, all defined profiles are listed. The currently active one is marked with an appended (active) label.

Profiles tab of the plasmoid

You can activate a certain profile by clicking it.

Profiles can be managed via the configuration dialog.

Configuration Tab

To configure the behavior of Smb4K, you can launch the configuration dialog on the Configuration page.

Configuration tab of the plasmoid


You should not open a configuration dialog through the main application and the Plasmoid at the same time, because they might interfere with each other.