Adding Bookmarks

You can add bookmarks to your favorite shares from within the network neighborhood browser, the shares view and the Plasmoid. In the dock widgets of the main window, this is done by selecting one or multiple shares and clicking the Add Bookmark action. In the Plasmoid, you click the respective bookmark action next to the item's name. A dialog will then pop up where you can add a label and/or assign a group to the bookmark.

Bookmarks addition dialog

Adding a group may help you to organize the bookmarks. In the bookmark menu, all bookmarks belonging to one group are arranged in a submenu with the group entry as parent (see below).

The label can be any text describing the share. In case you define a label, it will be displayed in the bookmarks menu instead of the location by default. If you want to change this behavior, you can do so in the configuration dialog.

Accessing and Managing Bookmarks

In the main window, the bookmarks can be accessed and managed through the Bookmarks menu:

Bookmark popup menu

In the menu there are two static items available:

Edit Bookmarks

Open the bookmark editor. This action is disabled if there are no bookmarks.

Add Bookmark (Ctrl+B)

Add bookmarks to the selected shares. At least one share has to be selected to enable this action.

In case you have not defined any groups, there is a third item:

Mount All Bookmarks

Mount all top-level bookmarks at once. It is disabled if all bookmarked shares are mounted.

All other entries are either group submenus or shares that do not belong to a group. All entries are listed alphabetically and the bookmarks may either appear with their location or descriptive label. By clicking a bookmark, the respective share is mounted. If a bookmarked share is mounted on the system, the bookmark entry is disabled.

For each group there is a submenu. It contains all bookmarks belonging to the group and a Mount All Bookmarks menu item. The latter one can be used to mount all bookmarks in that submenu at once.

In the system tray widget, there is an identical Bookmarks submenu except that the Add Bookmark entry is missing. The plasmoid provides a Bookmarks tab where all bookmarks are arranged in a similar way as in the bookmark menu. The bookmark groups and the bookmarks are listed in the view. Bookmarked shares can be mounted by clicking the respective entry. In the toolbar two actions are present: Back and Edit. By clicking Back you can get back to the top level if you entered a group folder. The Edit action will open the bookmark editor.

Editing Bookmarks

The bookmarks may be edited or removed via the bookmark editor. It can be opened by clicking the Edit Bookmarks entry in the Bookmarks menu or the Edit action in the Bookmarks tab of the Plasmoid.

Bookmark editor

In the tree view, the bookmarks are arranged according to the groups they belong to. Bookmarks without groups are located at the top level. To rearrange bookmarks, the tree view offers drag and drop capabilities, so that you can move bookmarks around using the mouse.

If you want to edit a bookmark, you can do so by selecting it. The stored label, login, IP address and group name appear in the input widgets and become editable. In most cases, you do not need to touch the IP address and the login, because Smb4K stored the correct values at the time you bookmarked the share. However, if the server got a different IP address (e.g. because DHCP is used on your local network) or your login changed, these entries should be adjusted. With the label you can give each bookmark a custom description. It will be used for display instead of the location, but this can be changed in the configuration dialog. The group entry, finally, helps you to organize your bookmarks. Especially if you use e.g. your notebook at home and at work, and you do not want to use profiles, it might be a good idea to create two groups "Home" and "Work" and save the bookmarks accordingly.

The tree view also offers a popup menu containing the following three actions. They can be used to add groups or remove groups and/or bookmarks.

Popup menu of the bookmark editor
Add Group

Add a bookmark group. After you created a group, you can move bookmarks to it.


Remove a selected bookmark or group. In case of a group, all bookmarks stored under that group are also removed.


Remove all bookmarks from the tree view including all groups.

After you finished editing, the changes can be committed by clicking the OK button.