Chapter 3. Command Reference

Table of Contents

The Menu Items

The Menu Items

The File Menu

FileQuick Post (Ctrl+T)

Open the quick posting window.

FileUpdate Timelines (F5)

Update timelines.

FileMark All As Read (Ctrl+R)

Mark all messages as read.


Minimize Choqok window to tray.

FileQuit (Ctrl+Q)

Quit Choqok.

The Tools Menu

ToolsSearch (Ctrl+F)

Open search window for current account.

The Settings Menu

SettingsEnable Update Timer (Ctrl+U)

Toggle update timeline timer.

SettingsEnable Notifications (Ctrl+N)

Toggle notifications.

SettingsShow Statusbar

Toggle the statusbar.

SettingsConfigure Shortcuts...

Configure the keyboard shortcuts used by Choqok.

SettingsConfigure Toolbars...

Configure the items you want to put in the toolbar.

SettingsConfigure Choqok...

Display the Choqok settings dialog.

In addition Choqok has the well known Help menu items.