Browser plugin

There is no configuration tab for this player in KMPlayer's config dialog. Everything must be configured by manually editing the ~/.kde/share/config/kmplayerrc like with configuring the backend per mimetype. This is an example how to let flash be played with the swfdec-mozilla plugin:


You can play flash inside KMPlayer, actually you can even paste the special embed field for YouTube in the playlist XML.

In order to let KMPlayer play flash in HTML pages, you should make the KMPlayer plugin the service provider for the application/x-shockwave-flash mimetype in KDE's File Associations configuration dialog.

As in the above example, this player configuration name is npp.

Trouble shooting

Start Konqueror or KMPlayer in a console application and look for errors about loading the browser plugin library. The process started is called knpplayer. If that doesn't give any errors, check the backend output capturing inside KMPlayer (View, Console, or Console from the popup menu).