Chapter 11. JPEG Loss Less

Gilles Caulier

The Kipi JPEG lossless plugin is a tool to transform the images without loss in quality due to compression.

This plugin is available from within the host application. It allows (for the below listed transformations) saving images in JPEG format, which usually loses precision every time you save it (otherwise there would be no size reduction), without losing any quality nor metadata information:

  • Do lossless JPEG 90/180/270 Degree Rotation.

  • Do lossless JPEG Horizontal or Vertical flip.

  • Do lossless JPEG black and white conversion.

  • Exif orientation tag based rotation or flip auto-adjustment.

  • Do lossless recompression of JPEG images.

As a consequence of the lossless storage the file size will be larger (similar to the lossless PNG format) since there's no compression of the color coding information.