Chapter 5. Effect Images

Gilles Caulier

The Kipi Effect Images plugin is a tool for to add a special effect to the images.

This plugin can be used for batch FX transforming images in an Album. It uses the convert program from the ImageMagick package. An image effect preview (partial or full) is also available. Eleven FX filter types have been implemented:

  • Adaptive threshold: perform local adaptive thresholding.

  • Charcoal: simulate a charcoal drawing.

  • Detect edges: detect edges within an image.

  • Emboss: returns a grayscale image with a three-dimensional effect.

  • Implode: implode image pixels about the center.

  • Paint: applies a special effect filter that simulates an oil painting.

  • Shade light: shines a distant light on an image to create a three-dimensional effect.

  • Solarize: negate all pixels above the threshold level.

  • Spread: this is a special effects method that randomly displaces each pixel in a block defined by the radius parameter.

  • Swirl: swirls the pixels about the center of the image.

  • Wave: creates a ripple effect in the image by shifting the pixels vertically along a sine wave.

You can see some samples built with this plugin at this URL