Chapter 3. Color Images

Gilles Caulier

The Kipi Color Images plugin is a tool to change or improve the images' color rendering.

This plugin can be used for batch colors enhancement of images in an Album. It uses the convert program from the ImageMagick package. A plugin effect preview (partial or full) is available. Ten color filter types are available:

  • Decrease Contrast: reduces the image contrast.

  • Depth: changes the color depth of the image.

  • Equalize: performs histogram equalization to the image.

  • Fuzz: merges colors within a distance are considered equal.

  • Gray scales: converts colors images to gray scales image.

  • Increase Contrast: enhances the image contrast.

  • Monochrome: transforms the image to black and white.

  • Negate: replaces every pixel with its complementary color.

  • Normalize: transforms image to span the full range of color values.

  • Segment: segments an image by analyzing the histograms of the color components.

  • Trim: trims an image (fuzz reverse technic).

You can see some samples built with this plugin at this URL.