Supported Movie Formats


Many digital cameras support taking of short movie clips. These clips are usually stored in AVI, MOV, or MP4 format. digiKam understands metadata from these formats and will generate thumbnails for the movie files.

However, digiKam is not a movie editing application and it does not have any built-in movie editing capabilities. If you double click on a movie file digiKam you can preview video or choose a dedicated viewing / editing application through your desktop settings.

Video Formats

digiKam relies on QtAV Multimedia framework to handle video files. In background, QtAV use the powerful FFmpeg video toolkit, which include all codecs that digiKam needs to play video files.

FFmpeg codec is available under Linux® desktop, MacOS, and Windows. You will don't need to install extra video codec on your computer.

Video Features

With digiKam, you will be able to read video metadata, as movies length, video frames per seconds, video size, and encoding options, in goal to populate the database at scanning and to perform searches on your collection about video properties. You will be able to play video in embedded preview mode, and while a slideshow. This include to preview video from your camera device before downloading (only with USB Mass Storage connection mode).