Regular Tool Usage

When the flickrexport tool is invoked for second time or later you are greeted with the following dialog, which shows the current access permissions the Flickr Export tool has. The uploading process requires write permissions. The tool doesn't allow any other permissions as of now. You are then asked if they want to proceed with their current permissions.

Figure 16.3. Current Permissions Dialog preview

Current Permissions Dialog preview

After clicking Yes, you will see the interface to upload photos to Flickr.

After clicking No, the authentication process is repeated.

The Main upload dialog is shown below:

Figure 16.4. The Main Uploading Dialog Preview

The Main Uploading Dialog Preview

The Add Photos button should be clicked once user has set the other options in the dialog. After clicking this button an image selector dialog opens up where you can select the photos you want to upload and click OK, whereupon the image uploading starts.

The Tags field can be filled with a series of words (comma separated) which will be assigned as tags to the images uploaded.

The Public, Friends, and Family checkboxes can be checked to assign appropriate access permissions to the images you upload. By default the images uploaded are private.

If the Resize photos before uploading option is selected, the photos will be resized before uploading. The values will be read from the Maximum dimension combobox.

The Maximum Dimension combobox can be used to adjust the maximum height to which the photos will be resized before uploading. The width calculation will be done so as to have the aspect ratio conserved.

Figure 16.5. The Uploading Progress Dialog Preview

The Uploading Progress Dialog Preview

You can click Cancel button to abort the uploading of photos.

Finally, you can view the uploaded photos by visiting the Flickr website.