Chapter 9. HTML Gallery

The HTML Gallery is a tool for exporting a set of Albums or images to a HTML page.

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Album Selection Dialog

This powerful tool can export your Albums into a HTML compliant web image gallery. You can easily select the Albums to export in an HTML page and set many designs and parameters for the HTML rendering. UTF-8 encoding is used for the best internationalization.

Album Selection Dialog

Launching the tool from within digiKam displays three tabs to change the settings. The My Albums tab allows you to select all Albums you want to export to HTML. Just check the respective Albums (they are displayed without hierarchical nesting). On the next two tabs My Tags and My Searches you can refine your selection using tags or previous search results in digiKam.

Figure 9.1. The Album Selection Dialog in digiKam

The Album Selection Dialog in digiKam

Next step is to select a theme for the gallery from this dialog:

Figure 9.2. The Theme Selection Dialog

The Theme Selection Dialog

Depending on the chosen theme you may have additional options to fine-tune the appearance of the gallery.

The next screenshot shows the theme parameter setting for the Classic theme:

Figure 9.3. Parameters for Classic Theme

Parameters for Classic Theme

For all selected themes you can adjust the settings for the images and thumbnails in the gallery:

Figure 9.4. The Image Settings and Thumbnails Dialog

The Image Settings and Thumbnails Dialog

In the Full Image section you can either save modified images or Use original image.

For modified images you can select as output format JPEG (smallest filesize, but lossy) and PNG (lossless and free license) and set specific image compression features. If disk space is of concern check the target image compression and lower the compression level from the host application default value.

Checking the Max. size box you can fix the maximum target image size (in pixels) with the spinbox at the right. Images bigger than this value will be scaled down to it, but smaller images will not be modified.


If JPEG file format is selected for target resizing images, all EXIF information will be preserved from the original JPEG files.

The Thumbnails section allows to set the Format, Quality and Size for the thumbnails in the gallery.

Figure 9.5. The Output Dialog

The Output Dialog

This page defines the settings of where and how to store the gallery with all its associated images. Select a folder or add a new folder with write access where you want the gallery to be written to. Two sub-folders with the name of your album folder and the theme name will be created containing everything.

A progress dialog giving a feedback indicate to user. Press Cancel button during this stage if you want abort the process.