Chapter 13. DLNA Mediaserver Tool

DLNA Mediaserver is used to automatically export digiKam photos through the local network to other DLNA-compliant devices like smart phones and tablets.

Starting The Server

To start the mediaserver, head to the right bar and click the Tools menu. You will find the dlna server icon as shown in the next screenshot. You can also start it from the Tools menu in the main toolbar.

Start DLNA server from the tools menu at the right bar

When you click the icon, the mediaserver window will open as follows:

dlna window

Now you have a couple of buttons. Use Add Items if you want to add single image files to be shared through the server. Use Add New Root Directory if you want a complete folder to be added to your server. You can choose to add the files inside this folder only or also the files inside the internal folders by checking the Scan Recursively checkbox. Use Delete Selected to remove the selected files/folders from the shared items. And finally you can hide this mediaserver window (without closing the actual server) using the Hide Window button. If you want to close the window AND the server, press the ordinary cross to the top-right of the window. Note that the files and folders you specify will be saved for you to use in later sessions.