Chapter 4. Acquire Images Tool

The Acquire Images tool is dedicated to scan images using a flat scanner.

This tool can be used to scan images using a flat scanner. The tool uses libksane, an interface for SANE library to control flat scanners.

It can save images in all main image containers, as for example the following formats:

  • png (8 and 16 bits per color)

  • jpeg, jpg, jpeg 2000

  • tiff


You can check the status of your scanner support from the SANE project website by entering the information on this search page:

Scanner Selection

If the selected scanner cannot be opened or if no default scanner is provided, a scanner selection dialog is opened.

The user can choose the scanner to be used and press OK to open the scanner. Pressing Cancel will cause the tool to exit.

No scanner found

In case no devices were found, maybe because the scanner is not plugged in or switched off, correct that. Then the Reload device list can be used to reload the list of scanners.


Not all drivers/backends support this feature. In that case quit the tool, connect your scanner and restart the application.